About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Gregg Marcel Dixon, I am a native of the Lowcountry; a proud member of the Gullah-Geechee Nation; born in Savannah, Georgia; and raised just minutes away in Ridgeland, South Carolina. My family has deep roots in the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry, going back, to my knowledge, to at least the late 1700s and probably even further back than that. For the past 16 years, I have been an educator, and while I have taught all grades, I have primarily taught fourth and sixth grade respectively. I am happy to report that my students have excelled under my tutelage, even once earning me the title as the School Teacher of the Year and then the District Teacher of the Year.


For me, educating myself, educating my students, and empowering everyone with whom I come into contact to be an initiator of positive change is a matter of justice! It is one of the small ways I contribute to the ongoing fight to make sure that we live in a world where every child and their families, irrespective of their skin color; their zip code; their socioeconomic status; and other factors have the same opportunities as the next. My vision is that the children we teach today will go on to solve some of the most pressing problems we face as individuals and as a whole. This can happen when we all hold children to high expectations, accepting nothing less, and we work together as a team to give them the adequate support they need and deserve!


Outside of teaching, I enjoy eating delicious food prepared at home and at restaurants; traveling the globe, the continent of Africa and the region of Latin America and the Caribbean are my favorite parts of the world to visit; staying physically fit; advocating for racial justice and equity outside and part of movements such as the Reparations Movement for Black Americans That Are Descendants of Freedmen or People Who Were Enslaved by the American Government; reading; watching the news; and engaging in intellectual conversations where we plan to tackle issues that trouble the world. Your child will find me to be a teacher who is very firm, demands the best from them, will always push them to be better the next day than they were the previous, but also a teacher who will give them the support they need; ensure they feel safe to take risks to step out of their comfort zone when expanding their knowledge; nurturing even though they might consider me to be strict; and ensure they have a solid grasp of the skills they need to be successful.


I am excited to begin this journey! I hope you are as well!