Second Annual Multicultural Parade

Royal Live Oaks Academy will host its second annual Multicultural Parade on THursday, April 28, 2022 at 10:00am.
The theme of the parade will be “Ten Years of Diversity” as the ten-year anniversary of Royal Live Oaks Academy is approaching in August 2022. The parade will celebrate the diverse Royal Live Oaks community with a parade route featuring several floats and performances. Attendees are also encouraged to dress with “Kentucky Derby Flair”. Following the parade, a reception will be hosted with the founders of RLOACS, Mr. Les Wicks and Dr. Karen Wicks.
Royal Live Oaks is a free, public charter school located in Jasper County of South Carolina.
Serving students in grades K-12, Royal Live Oaks’ mission statement is to “provide a rigorous academic environment that fosters integrity and resilience.”
NOTE: Members of the media who wish to cover the event should contact Mary Davis at
[email protected] or 843-784-2630 or Ashley Epperson with The Charter Institute at
Erskine at [email protected] or (803) 995-0527.