About Kadene Witter-Headley

August 7, 2020.


Dear parents/guardians,

My name is Kadene Witter-Headley. I will be your child’s teacher for this academic year at the Royal Live Oaks Academy Charter School. I hail from the beautiful island of Jamaica. This is my third year at this institution. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. I love helping students to discover new things based on their experiences and prior knowledge on different topics. I also like to guide them through researches; showing them that they are life-long learners and helping them reach their full potential. These will be achieved in a virtual, child-centered, print-rich environment. You are welcome to visit our virtual class to see our work.

Class Motto

The students will be guided by the motto: “Never settle for less than your best”

It will be a fulfilling year!


Best regards,


Kadene Witter-Headley

Classroom Teacher

Grade 3