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Mrs.Capers,born April 13, 1975 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.Mrs.Capers and her family migrated to Hampton S.C.She ia a 1994 graduate of Wade Hampton High. After spending 15 years as store support at publix supermarket,she decided to work in a school setting.Three years ago she decided to work for the "Boys and Girls Club Ridgeland S.C.She was a professional developer.Soon after that she became the teen director for the 'Boys and Girls Club in ridgeland.After spending 2 years at the "Boys and Girls she decided to work at a charter school.One year ago she accepted a position at Royal Live Oaks Academy as a substitute, all while continuing her education in teaching.She is currently in her 2 year as a teacher.Her moto is "A winner never quits,and a quitter never wins."