Greetings Royal Knight Middle Schoolers and Families! 
My name is Ms. Timothy, and I will be teaching English, grades 6 and 7, for the 2021-2022  school year. I consider it a privilege and an honor to serve as your teacher this year, and there is nothing I would rather do more. You, your family, and your scholars' education are my top professional priority. Let's go over three core beliefs that are central to understanding my professional personality
The 3 Core Beliefs
Belief 1: Every student can learn. It doesn't matter where you start on day one of classes. Puede que estés aprendiendo inglés por primera vez. You might hate school and feel like it's a waste of your time. You might be a star student, normally challenging others for the top average in your homeroom group. Your "entry level" should not define your "exit level." Wherever you start, your goal is to achieve at least one school year's level of growth from that point between now and May 2022. Some students may need two or three years of growth to catch up to their peers, but guess what? We can do that. :)
Belief 2: Every minute matters. After a challenging year of Covid threats, sicknesses, and rules, you may feel like too many minutes (of friendship, of school, of rest, of happiness) have been lost. This is not true. Every minute that you live provides you with a full 60 seconds of learning. Sometimes that learning is hard, disappointing, or saddening. Sometimes that learning is easy, exciting, and fulfilling! Whatever you have learned from 2020-2021 is useful to you for the rest of your life!
Belief 3: As long as there is time, there is time. Not all students learn at the same speed. Because of this, I am careful to allow students opportunities to relearn topics, revise projects, retake certain assessments, and request more time during daily work. In school, there are rules about when we have to submit grades and when quarterly assessments must be completed, but I am committed to giving you the time you need to learn and support for that learning.   
These beliefs guide my decisions as a teacher, so I am not interested in doing anything that wastes scholars' time. I want to keep scholars learning at their absolute best levels. I want to see the "light bulb" turn on when students finally "get it," so I am very focused on doing what it takes to get students to that light bulb moment! I want to partner with you to help you enjoy school!  
Please use the pages in my webpage to learn, to re-learn, to study, to practice, and to publish masterful work this school year. If you need to reach me, feel free to text-to-teacher, e-mail, use Remind... there are so many ways to let me know how I can best help you achieve your academic and career goals.
Happy to Serve You,
TDO Timothy