Social Studies Department

I just want to welcome all of my students and their parents to my classroom.  I am extremely excited about this upcoming school year, which will be my second at Royal Live Oaks!  I have taught for over twenty years, mostly here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, after obtaining my undergraduate and master's degree in Education from the California University of Pennsylvania.
I have always believed that having a healthy classroom environment is the unequivocal key for success for all of the members of the class, including me, the teacher.  To foster this, I promise to give you the best lessons I can devise and to implement them with as much energy as I can muster!   No question or issue that any student may have is to be seen as unimportant.
I hope and expect that my students will reciprocate my efforts and I fully expect that all of you will obtain success both in my classroom this semester and in whatever endeavors lay in your futures!