About Us



Royal Live Oaks Academy Charter School is a public charter school, serving 655 Beaufort and Jasper County students in grades K-12.The goal at RLOA is to develop World-Class Skills defined by the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. We strive to provide a rigorous learning environment where all children can maximize personal and academic growth. We continue to provide our students innovative learning opportunities to address their unique needs.


Mission Statement:

Royal Live Oaks Academy provides a rigorous academic environment that fosters integrity and resilience.



RLOA students become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

2022-2023 Year In Review

Our Project-Based Learning approach within the Project Lead the Way program provides a rigorous and challenging curriculum that is rich and robust in problem solving.  Students have learning opportunities in Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration, Finance, and Biomedical Science within a nurturing environment. 

Our student population is approximately 87% children of poverty and 54% English Language Learners.  Our faculty and staff have participated in ongoing professional development to build a diverse portfolio of instructional practices, including Marzano Teachers as Researchers math project, K-3 teachers, paraprofessionals, LETRS professional learning for our interventionists, and a refresher course for all teachers in Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP).

We actively engage parents in our students' education through multiple forms of outreach to parents and students to increase active participation including weekly Parent Academies, with focus for parents in need of assistance with tools for effective parenting, attendance concerns, and academic deficiencies.  Our referral system addresses academic and social-emotional support with our School Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselors, leadership team members, and teachers.  Our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Director (MTSS) worked closely with our authorizer’s MTSS Specialist to implement early intervention strategies to help support identified at-risk general education students. We provided academic/social/emotional counseling to 125+ faculty, and identified students and families in individual or small group settings.  The MTSS Director supported Elementary, Middle and High School's Response to Intervention (RtI) processes and operations with the RtI Coordinator. 

Our scholars are encouraged to make a difference in the community, and we challenge our high school students to enroll in dual-enrollment courses to enhance their world knowledge and prepare them for the future while earning college credits before graduation. Seventeen high school students completed dual enrollment classes through TCL and passed 46 courses. Nine of 46  graduating seniors earned the South Carolina Seal of Biliteracy, which recognizes students who have attained a certain level of proficiency in both English and at least one additional world language by graduation. Teacher Cadets learned principles of good teaching and tutored elementary students who needed academic assistance. Students participated in off-site field trips aligned with the standards to enrich students’ understanding in real-world settings, e.g., Be a Scientist, Be a Biologist, etc.

Our programs promote well-rounded learners in the sciences and the arts inclusively, as the arts and sciences meld together in a realistic workplace and in problem-solving situations.  Students in the PLTW engineering and biomedical sciences programs take end of course examinations at the conclusion of each class to gauge their level of understanding. This year 23 students earned scores of Accomplished, and 4 earned scores of Distinguished in one or more areas. This designation also earned them dual enrollment weighting for the course. Microburst Employability Soft Skills training was implemented during fourth block classes for all junior and senior students. This training culminated in a certification which identifies students as career ready with soft skills that will help them in future careers, and 64 students received this certification. Students enrolled in HVAC, Health Sciences Clinical Studies, or other CTE courses that were offered as an option for OSHA-10 hour training. In total, 15 students earned OSHA-10 certification in various areas. Two students earned Adobe Certified Professional certification for Photoshop.

RLOA challenges its students to think strategically and creatively to diagnose, brainstorm, and solve real-world scenarios using skills learned in math, science, engineering, biomedicine, English, history, and related arts classes. These opportunities extend beyond the classroom into our community as we encourage our scholars to complete at least 10 hours of meaningful community service each year.  Our exceptional children established a school-based enterprise “Knight Beans” coffee service for our faculty and staff.  The BETA Club students participated in Cozy Kids Drive, providing blankets, hats, and gloves for the community, among others.  Our third Spring Multicultural Parade involved students and local community leaders in a celebration of the many cultures represented on our campus, both faculty and students.  We continue to expand  opportunities each year. 

RLOA has a number of community partners. Real Champions mentors continue to serve 8 of our K-2 students, who will be mentored through their senior year. We received the Kindness to All Campaign and  Tail Waggers Who Brighten Our Lives reading grant from the Skye Terrier Health and Education Foundation, which granted all elementary students a satchel of books.  One of our students received Best in Show for his artwork in the Draw a Skye contest. RLOA teachers received Palmetto Electric’s Bright Ideas Grants. Sun City, Margaritaville, and the City of Hardeeville provided RLOA with numerous school supplies in the fall and gifts for students at Christmas. Additionally, the Native Islander Group funds Knight of the Month and supports our uniform drive and community-based learning experiences.   

RLOA prides itself on developing and producing world-class academic competitors. Art students join the National Art Honor Society and work with artists in residence. Our grades 3-12 Robotics program is in the elite category of competitions, and our teams routinely place in the top tier at local, regional, and state level championships.  A  total of 6 teams competed in VEX IQ and VEX VRC competitions. The VEX IQ teams brought home 4 trophies, including winning the first competition held at RLOA. This year 2 elementary robotics teams participated at the state championship.

Student Government (Middle & High School) engaged in a wide range of activities, events, and programs.  Student Government representatives assisted with policies, programs, and initiatives around the school.  They benefited from an opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills, gain experience in public speaking, and learn how to make a positive impact on the school and the community environment.  They have assisted in shaping policies in the school with a student focus. 

Our athletes learned the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and competition as part of the state’s middle and high school athletic programs this year.  The Royal Knights soccer team continued to build a tradition of excellence and participated in the state championship playoffs again this year.  Our boys and girls track teams excelled and sent several athletes to the lower state track meet. We offered boys and girls volleyball and basketball.  Finally, extracurricular activities at Royal Live oaks provided opportunities for students to continue to demonstrate characteristics of the Profile of South Carolina Graduate. 

We challenge our students to understand that effective learning is constant, reflective, and productive.  We teach critical thinking skills required to problem solve, manage daily routines, and find real-word solutions, thus preparing RLOA scholars to use their world class knowledge, skills, and life/career characteristics to make world-impacting change in their communities on their road to experiencing success.