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When you donate to the RLOA Donation Campaign, your tax-deductible gift is creating a brighter future for the children of our community. If you have questions about the selections available, please contact us at (843) 784-2630.

Choose Your Donation Level to Support the Lowcountry’s Children.

Sponsor a Child
You can make a difference in the lives of local children by contributing to their learning in a very meaningful way. The funds raised through this sponsorship will help support the Knights Afterschool Program (KAP), class trips, engaging students experiences, and many other critical resources for the students. As a sponsor, your name will be proudly displayed on our Wall of Support in the entrance of the school building.
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Commemorative Brick
For $125, RLOA will place a commemorative brick with the engraving of your choosing on our Walk of Honor. This path will lead from the main building to the gym/performing arts center (coming soon). These bricks also make great gifts that will last a lifetime, and will be seen by students for years.
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Name a Space
Your business, organization, family, or individual can proudly support the building and operations of Royal Live Oaks Academy.
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Athletics Donation
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