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Student Technology Equipment Agreement

Royal Live Oaks Academy acknowledges the need for students to check out technology equipment for use at home on occasion. These circumstances must be approved by school administration and the IT Coordinator prior to check out. This form serves as documentation of equipment check out as well as an agreement between RLOA, the student and parent.

A form must be filled out for each student. Please read carefully and complete the form below. Required fields marked with an asterisk *

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By checking the box below, I understand that I am responsible for the care, content, and usage of the equipment, case/cover, and any other accessories issued to me. I will never lend the equipment to anyone, at any time for any reason. I will keep the equipment away from food, beverages, sinks, or any other area that may cause damage. I will notify the school administrator immediately if the equipment is missing or damaged. I will return the equipment to the school when the agreed upon length is over. I understand that the equipment is the property of Royal Live Oaks Academy and is subject to inspection at any time without notice. I understand that equipment repairs are only to be made by school technology support staff. I will not attempt to repair, reconfigure, or reset the equipment. I will not modify or change settings on the equipment in an effort to circumvent the school district’s content filtering solution. I understand that I am responsible for compensating Royal Live Oaks Academy for repairs or replacement costs due to intentional damage, loss, negligence, misuse and/or violating the RLOA Technology Policy. When signing out a hotspot, the service may be unfiltered and I understand that I will need to monitor my student’s usage. I agree to the stipulations above and to Royal Live Oaks Academy’s Technology Policy.*
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