RLOA School Board Elections

In accordance with our By-Laws, RLOA is ready to conduct its annual election of Board members to ensure that all
stakeholders have a role in the governance of the school. As representatives of the school, the students, and the
community, RLOA Board members bring a diverse set of skills and backgrounds that represent a broad area of expertise.
Those who choose to serve on the Board do so because they believe strongly in the mission of RLOA and commit to the
role of an ambassador for the school.
Ballots will be sent home with each enrolled student on December 1, 2020 for the ballot to be completed by the parents.
For those who do not return the signed paper, ballots will be available through the online link on our website or social
media pages. All ballots must be submitted no later than December 14, 2020. One vote will be allowed for each
enrolled student. Additionally, each employee of the school will receive one vote.
CLICK HERE to submit your vote now.