Distance Learning Support

The current re-opening plan and school calendar may be found below.
*Please Note* This plan was updated on July 27, 2020. The key changes are listed below:
  • All students will attend at least one day at the beginning of the school year in person
      • K-8 will attend two days of the five LEAP days, August 17-21
      • High School will attend one day from August 17-21. This will be a "drop-in" method. The students will not have to stay the whole day.
  • The nurse's office was divided into three distinct areas, one for general situations, one for individual interactions between the nurse and a student, and one for isolating potential COVID cases.
  • All students will take an initial NWEA MAP pre-assessment within the first 2 weeks of instruction. Students in K-9th will take a mid-year assessment in December and a post-assessment in April. Students in 10th-12th identified by the pre-assessment will take the mid year and post-assessments.
All students will be assigned an electronic device (Chromebook or laptop) to use for the year. These devices will travel from class to class with the students and be taken home. All students must have the Student Technology Equipment Agreement form filled out before the start of the year. The link to the form is below.
Technology Support
Parents and students, please create a support request ticket by clicking here, or emailing any problems to help@rloa.on.spiceworks.com  We are currently responding to all tickets within 24 hours. 
On-Site Technology Support
Parents and students that require on-site support may visit the school between 12:00pm - 4:00pm, Monday-Thursday. If you require assistance outside of these hours, please submit a support ticket, and we will do our best to make an appointment that suits your schedule.